With EPA registered laundry sanitizing products that offer residual self-sanitizing properties and EPA registered hard-surface disinfectants, the HyClean Program is the solution to protecting your team members and customers while building consumer confidence in your facility. In conjunction with service from a highly trained service representatives and support from our marketing team, we are poised to partner with your facility as we journey together into these unchartered waters.

Residual Efficacy

The standard wash process* is effective in providing protection from the Coronavirus and ensuring your linen comes out hygienically clean. Products within the HyClean program protect your linen from being re-contaminated by harmful pathogens once it leaves the laundry and makes its way back into circulation.

The UNX HyClean program uses one of two EPA registered bacteriostat and residual self-sanitizing products in the wash wheel. These products lend self-sanitizing properties to the garments during transport and storage of the goods.

*i.e. appropriate combinations of chemicals, pH, water, temperature, water transfers, and mechanical action

Laundry Sanitizers

Hard Surface Disinfectants

Personal Support


Included with the purchase of UNX products is installation of equipment and ongoing service by a highly trained UNX Representative at no additional cost.


Essential with the implementation of any program is the appropriate training. In-person training sessions and printed training materials will be provided to you at no additional cost.

Monthly Audit

A tool is only effective when used correctly. Following the appropriate operating procedures is equally as important as using the right products. Our UNX Representatives will perform a monthly audit in conjunction with the monthly service report to ensure your team is using the products correctly and keeping your facility safe.

Marketing Support

Building Consumer Confidence

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