The laundering system that gives your operation the SPECTRUM SHINE.


The UNX Spectrum System is an approach which fully recognizes the quality demanded by the health care industry. All health care institutions, hospitals and nursing homes alike, require a distinctive standard of cleanliness of bed linens, towels and washables.

The Spectrum System will help you satisfy the expectations of patients. It is the laundering system the assures results! Spectrum offers top of the line builders, dry and liquid, detergent concentrates, that attack soils encountered in the health care, special bleaches, antichlors, sours and softeners.

UNX has pioneered the application of enzyme detergents in health care. Results: in low temperature washing, water and energy savings, reduced waste water pollution, and an odor-free environment.

With Spectrum, your patients will recieve:

  • Stain-free linen.
  • Healthful sanitized goods.
  • Superior whiteness and brightness.
  • Desired softness in towels and cloths.
  • Lasting fresh fragrance.
  • Builders - Super concentrates or powdered alternates. Powerful. For heavy soil and stubborn stains.
  • Detergents - Super concentrates with superior soil removing properties. Products available for all water conditions. Produce good sudsing action. Fast detergency and quick rinsing saves production time.
  • Destainers - Oxygen and chlorine liquid bleach. Controlled action, safe, effective.
  • Antichlor - Brightener antichlor combinations, Quickly and completely neutralizes chlorine carry-over.
  • Softener/Sours - Specially buffered softener/sours. For operations where increased patient comfort and fresh fragrance are paramount.
  • Enzyme Research - Specialized enzyme detergents and washing procedures designed to maximize enzyme performance.
UC 8425:

UC 8425 is a versatile high pH and high active alkali builder. It is a non-phosphated product. The alkali builder of choice in many large health care operations. Wherever a powerful alkali builder is needed.

  • Provides the high, formula, NA2O required for linen supply items.

FLO-CLASS is a true super-concentrate liquid detergent. Effective on a wide variety of soils ranging from particulates to vegetable and industrial oils and greases, body oils, and medicinal stains. For health care operations. For water high in hardness and total solids. For heavy and extra heavy soil classifications. Fast and complete rinsing.


LIQUID LINASE NP is a superior liquid enzyme detergent. Powerful detergency! Specific for low temperature operations. A "natural" for large health care operations. Use to reduce solid waste.

  • Substantial savings in energy and water costs.
  • Meets the objectives of Laundry ESP!

ENERGIZE is a powerful liquid booster and water conditioner. Complex combination of inorganic and organic sequestrants. As accelerator for any detergent operation for improved soil removal and rinsability. Effective in digest, break, and bleach stages. Useful as aid to feeder liquids. Counteracts effects of hard water.

  • AS a special penetrating agent ENERGIZE accelerates soil removal.

FLO-GLO is a concentrated solution hypochlorite. Specially refined and filtered. When freshly made, available chlorine is 14% to 15%. A powerful laundry bleaching agent.


FLO-GAIN is a liquid antichlor designed to neutralize carryover of chlorine from the bleach bath. Acts quickly and completely on residual chlorine. Effective over a wide range of temperatures. A "must" protection against severe tensile strength damage caused by chlorine entering sour bath.

  • For operations employing chlorine bleach. Recommended in first and second rinse following the bleach stage.
  • Of special interest to large linen and health care operations where linen replacement is a major economic factor.

FLO-NEW is a liquid neutralizing sour concentrate. Exhibits iron control properties. Non-phosphate. Rapid souring action.

  • Use in liquid feeder systems in health care, hospitality, industrial, and linen operations.
  • Highly recommended for hard water. Use where soluble and insoluble iron is a problem.

FLO-SOFTY SPECIAL is a long recognized liquid fabric softner. Recent improvements augment the reputation gained after twenty five years in hospitality and health care. Quality softening at reasonable costs. Special penetrating agent assures uniformity of finish.

  • Use for ultimate in fabric softener quality in hospitality and health care.
  • Use where unparalleled nap, softness, fluffiness and quality of toweling is demanded.

For specific usage instructions, please contact your local UNX Territory Manager for a consultation. After a comprehensive survey of your operation, a customized procedure will be developed.